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Summer Fun with LIU LPP!

It was a summer full of energy, personal development and sharks… LIU Sharks that is!

LIU LPP students worked in teams to create a maglev train under the guidance of college mentors from the American Association of Blacks in Energy Summer Energy Academy.  Prior to the team project, students received a presentation about different forms of energy, participated in a Kahoot! game to test their knowledge, and went on a “energy” scavenger hunt.  


Another activity of the Summer Program was the Influencer Leadership Lifestyle Workshops presented by Follow Us, LLC.  Students were taught the variety of leadership styles, explored what type of leader they are, and how to use social media to be a positive influence in their community.  


On the last day, students and parents, went on a “shark” hunt while they toured LIU Brooklyn with the LIU Admissions team.  Don’t worry, no students nor parents were harmed by any real sharks.  Along the tour, they had to keep an eye out for and take pictures of the LIU Shark logo as well as any other LIU logos.  Two students with the top amount of LIU logo pictures were gifted an LIU swag bag courtesy of LIU Admissions.   To wrap up the day, we all shared a meal together in Shark Bite Café.    


We hope all LPPs enjoyed this summer as much as we did.

Wishing all LPPs an amazing 2023-2024 school year!