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Tina’s Story: An Inspiring Journey from LPP High School Student to Program Director

Tina Souverain- Weekes' journey from high school to becoming a director within the Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) is a remarkable tale of resilience and commitment to empowering others. 

Tina was not initially enthusiastic about pursuing a college education. The loss of her mother had cast a shadow over her dreams, leaving her feeling lost and uncertain about her future. It was at this critical juncture that Tina found solace and support in the Liberty Partnership Program. The LPP centered her and helped her discover a newfound sense of resilience. It became the beacon of hope that guided her through difficult times.

Inspired by the program's commitment to nurturing the potential of students like herself, Tina decided to follow a different path. She realized that she wanted to help other students who faced similar challenges and uncertainties, just as the LPP had helped her. This desire to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals played a pivotal role in shaping Tina's academic and professional journey.

With the help of Liberty, Tina was able to use her junior and senior years of high school to get her life back on track. She then completed her associate degree at Kingsborough Community College, then pursued her bachelor's degree at York College.

Her dedication to her studies and her passion for helping others led her to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University. Armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference, Tina embarked on a fulfilling career as a clinical social worker in private practice.

While working as a social worker, Tina felt a deep calling to mentor and support young people in her community. She became a volunteer mentor in the Kingsborough LPP, where she shared her experiences and provided guidance to students facing challenges similar to those she had overcome.

When the project director of the Kingsborough LPP left, Tina was recommended as her replacement, reflecting the trust and confidence her colleagues had in her abilities. Tina's journey in the Liberty Partnership Program had come full circle, as she transitioned from being a mentee in the program to becoming a mentor and ultimately the project director.

Tina served as the project director at Kingsborough College for five years before moving on to St. John's University, where she has dedicated eight years of her life to shaping the futures of young individuals through the LPP. Her personal experiences and unwavering commitment have made her an inspiring leader in the field of education.

Tina is not only a dedicated professional but also a loving wife and mother of four children. She and her husband come from Caribbean backgrounds, with Tina hailing from Haiti and her husband from Trinidad. Their shared faith has been a guiding force in their lives, with a deep commitment to putting God first in all that they do.

For Tina, the most fulfilling aspect of her work is student engagement. While she deals with tasks like budget reports and staff training, it is the moments when she connects one-on-one with a student that remind her of why her work is so essential. She firmly believes in the value of quality over quantity and instills this perspective in her students.

As an adjunct professor, Tina teaches a field seminar class for social work master's level interns. Her goal is to guide these young minds and future professionals in navigating the world and instilling in them the importance of giving back. Her commitment to volunteering her time, dedication, and support to students reflects her belief that it's all about them.

Tina's journey through the Liberty Partnership Program, from a high school student facing adversity to becoming its director, is a testament to her unwavering resilience and dedication. Her story inspires us to overcome challenges, find our purpose, and give back to our communities. Tina's journey is a shining example of how one person's commitment and belief in the potential of others can shape the future of many, one student at a time.

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