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Heartfelt Thanks

There's nothing more gratifying than hearing that you are making a positive impact on a student's life.  The following letter was sent to the St. John's University LPP from a parent expressing their appreciation for the summer program.

Hello Tina and Shavon,

As a consumer, I have been hard pressed to find excellent service especially in industries where people do not feel like what they do entails elements of customer service - like education.

I cannot express enough how refreshing my experience with your team has been. I was pretty nervous about sending my child because of how reserved she is but when I met Shavon that first day and saw how she handled our first (and only) hiccup, I felt at ease. All I got since then was one WOW experience after another and really awesome feedback from my child which to me is the most important thing to get from a program like this. She felt like she belonged and was always eager to attend. She really enjoyed her sessions with Ms. Jen and is so happy to be continuing with her.

I saw an enormous amount of growth in her over the summer and I am eternally thankful that I came across your program. Therefore, from this mother, heartfelt thanks to you and your team for executing an amazing program for OUR children.

I look forward to the fall and to sending her back to you next year.

Talk soon and until then, take care.

Kindest regards,