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Embracing Summer Adventures and Learning

As the school year draws to a close, we find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. The chaos, excitement, stress, and joy intertwine as we navigate through finals, regents exams, graduation preparations, and transitions. 

Amidst this frenzy, Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) at Binghamton University is gearing up for an extraordinary summer experience, brimming with opportunities for our students to shine. Join us as we take a sneak peek into the adventures awaiting our participants in the upcoming months.

Summer Programs:
At Liberty, we believe in providing comprehensive summer programs that foster growth, engagement, and lasting impacts. Our high school programs collaborate with BOCES to offer paid summer workforce experiences, each project uniquely designed to immerse students in meaningful activities. Moreover, our middle school programs guarantee stellar programming as well, promising a memorable summer for all participants.

Susquehanna Valley HS:
Under the leadership of Tracy Parker, Susquehanna Valley HS is renowned for its full summer camp catering to over 100 elementary school-aged students. The camp has become a staple of the community, with a consistent waiting list to join. Liberty students actively engage in building and managing camp activities, honing their leadership, mentoring, planning, and workforce skills. This initiative represents a remarkable collaboration between the community and the school.

Johnson City High School:
Led by Bernardo Cruz and newly hired Leah Best, MSW, Johnson City High School is embarking on a five-week LPP Wildcat Ventures Summer program. This program focuses on pillars of Health and Wellness, addressing crucial questions related to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Students will explore physical, emotional, and social knowledge, develop decision-making skills, and delve into assertive communication. Engaging in daily mindful practices, affirmations, art therapy, and yoga instruction, students will also discover fitness and various career paths in the field. Additionally, they will learn the significance of giving back to the community by supporting organizations like The Ross Park Zoo, Ramp it Up and the Red Cross. College tours and cultural and experiential trips will further broaden their horizons.

Chenango Forks High School:
Shane Baron, with support from Olivia Barry and Ashley Scott, is spearheading the Summer Art Exploration and Community Service program at Chenango Forks High School. Through weekly art therapy sessions, students will explore the therapeutic aspects of art and theater, learning about related careers and pathways. They will also visit museums and galleries to enrich their understanding. Simultaneously, the program emphasizes civic engagement, encouraging students to actively participate in the community. Weekly community clean-ups and volunteer work for various organizations will instill a sense of responsibility and service.

Binghamton High School:
Autumn Loke, Nick Matyas, Stephanie Fiorini, and returning LPP Alumni Xaneya and Xymier Thomas are leading the Liberty CITY (Community Improvement Through Youth) Project at Binghamton High School. This project focuses on self-advocacy, community improvement, education, and self-awareness. The summer program tackles essential questions related to being agents of change, equality, access, and basic human rights. It encompasses service learning, project-based learning, workforce development, financial literacy, college exploration, psychoeducational skill development, and cultural enrichment. Brace yourself for an action-packed summer program!

Johnson City Middle School:
Quentin Pappadakis is leading the Johnson City Middle School program, offering a five-week summer program that explores various topics such as Health & Wellness, Team Sports, Career Exploration, Civic Engagement, and College Exploration. Through experiential activities, trips, and guest speakers, students will gain hands-on knowledge and practical insights in each area.

East & West Middle School:
Anthony O’Malley and Marc Bernard from East and West Middle School programs, respectively, are collaborating to deliver impactful summer programming. After supporting four weeks of school-based summer camp and student recruitment, they will host a two-week exclusive LPP student program. The students will engage in hands-on activities, community outings, and experiential learning, covering topics like the Mind/Body Connection, Mindfulness through Movement, Yoga, Mindful Walking and Nature Meditation, Mindful Eating and Healthy Food Preparation, Fitness, Emotional Health, and Relationships.

As the academic year concludes, a range of emotions fills the air, punctuated by the pride we feel for our hardworking students. Graduation brings its own wave of sentimentality. Yet, with summer just around the corner, there is much to anticipate and prepare for. 

At Liberty Partnerships Program, we are thrilled to present our exciting summer initiatives, offering students the chance to explore, learn, and grow. Stay tuned for more updates on our summer adventures!